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Questions and Answers

Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

Also, what would the stipulations be? Try not to be vague.

Posted by danger.moose
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First off, poke, it's not legal in these states by any means, the fact that it is a Federally Scheduled substance superceeds any state legislation. In these states you refer to it has been "decriminalized" meaning that the penalties are generally weak and in some cases won't even grant it a misdemeanor status… It's just processed as a fine if pursued at all.
Smoking marijuana is a victimless crime persay, you're not hurting anyone when you do it. The Gov't originally outlawed it to discourage the habitation of Mexican immigrants in the US after their work building the railroads was done. There was then a rather successful propaganda campaign run against it in the south where they made claims that it "enticed black men to murder and rape white women to the point that they could not help themselves while under it's influence". This was taken up by the media and ran with, and as most people in mainstream voting America at the time had little exposure to it, they believed what the papers told them. By today's standards we know that that was a propegation of an outright falsehood, but the Gov't still spends billions on misleading ads and law enforcement. Consider the ad from a few years back that states "inhaling a joint is inhaling 5 times more carcinogens than a cigarette". While this may possibly be true (independent studies disagree on this point), it fails to mention that your average pot smoker generally smokes less than 1 joint a day while the average cigarette smoker smokes about 1.2 packs a day… That's approx. 24 cigarettes… By that logic cigarettes are inducing far more carcinogens in a given day to their average smoker than marijuana is to it's average smoker. And cigs are still legal. Although it would be great to legalize it, it will never happen in our lifetime, and the reason is this: it's a weed. While you can say it would be taxed and help the farmers and you have to be 21 to buy it etc., what's to prevent people from growing it in their yards or basements for free instead of paying the tax or buying from a farmer? What's to prevent a 12 year old boy from walking down the street and finding a now-legal pot plant and harvesting and smoking it? Let alone that the government would have to admit that they were wrong and have been misleading people for all of these years. For instance, congress just this year issued an official apology for and rebuke of the evils of slavery; that issue is far more cut and dry and that took them 140 years since the irradication of slavery to admit it. Should it be legal? Yes. It would cut down on violent competition by unscrupulous dealers and free up law enforcement to pursue more threatening issues, it would save the taxpayers billions of dollars a year, it would open up the study of it's potential for medical use in treatments for PTSD, MS, and cancer, and it would boost not only our farming economy, but economies all across the globe. Will it be legal? Sadly, unless it's put to a vote (63% of Americans on avg favor legalization) it will remain a relatively harmless illegal substance.
For a compare/contrast look at the history of Absinthe and it's demonization/ being made criminal all across the globe, and it is now becoming legalized once again as facts come to light and old myths and misconceptions are dis-proven.
Edit: also the byproducts (hemp and seeds) are usefull for textiles and oil-based products.

Why is any state allowed to legalize marijuana?

After all, marijuana use is against federal law, so why does any state have the "right" to ignore federal law and make its own law concerning marijuana?

I am not interested in opinion, only facts supported by reputable links.

Posted by ProUSA2
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Because different States have different laws, and the States can dictate what it classifies a crime under State law for the purposes of State courts and for local and State police to make arrests for.

State/local police and State courts do not enforce or prosecute federal law, they never have and legally cannot. Only Federal law enforcement can enforce federal laws, and Federal cases can only be prosecuted in Federal Court.

If the Feds want to come in and enforce Federal law, then they can. But the Feds cannot force the States to enforce federal laws. But typically speaking the FBI and DEA has better things to do than make arrests for dime bags of marijuana, crimes that usually don't even carry jail time, just minimal fines and probation.

Legalizing marijuana?

Read this FAKE bill

Item 44: A Bill to Legalize Marijuana
1 Be It Enacted by the Student Congress here assembled that 2 Section 1. All 50 states will expand their existing alcohol laws to include
3 marijuana as a substance covered by those laws.
4 Section 2. Any existing laws regulating the use of alcohol, including, but not
5 limited to, age limits for purchase, public consumption, open containers, and driving
6 under the influence shall apply equally to the use of marijuana. 7 Section 3. Any existing laws regulating the manufacture, sale, and taxation of
8 alcohol shall apply likewise to the production and sale of marijuana.
9 Section 4. Any state refusing to comply with this law will have its federal law
10 enforcement 11 funding decreased by one fourth.

4 debate, we have to write a neg or pro speech on this (with evidence)

i really need your help, give me your opinions and maybe evidence?

Whoever has the most thorough answer=best answer.

Posted by heyyoloserr
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Here are some reasons to legalize marijuana in the United States. Nice and simple:

1) Marijuana use is less harmful and risky than the use of alcohol, tobacco, and many nonprescription drugs. It is the safest (currently) illegal drug. Marijuana is much less addictive than tobacco or alcohol. This is one reason why most people that smoked it in the 70's were able to quit easily and not become addicts.

2) Legalization of marijuana would cut down on crime. Because marijuana is illegal, it is difficult to manufacture, and is expensive, so addicts often have to turn to crime to sustain their habit. Legalization would drive the price down and alleviate this problem. Currently, much of the crime that goes on is a result of territory disputes between dealers. Legalization of marijuana would hurt organized crime as a whole. If marijuana was legal, the entire infrastructure of organized crime involved in its manufacturing and distribution would lose any reason for existence because marijuana would be legally produced and sold at a much cheaper price by legitimate companies. Police officers and suspected informants often face retribution by gangs and drug dealers. Legalization of marijuana would simply eliminate the need for dealers and put a stop to all this. Legalization would cut down on corruption in the law enforcement, the government. Officials will no longer be tempted into accepting bribes, and pocketing large amounts of drug money.

3) Legalization would free up resources to fight legitimate crimes. It would end prison overcrowding, as many prisoners are sitting in jails for drug-related convictions. It would free up the court system and the police and allow them to concentrate on other crimes. Fighting marijuana-related "crimes" is costing us tax money.

4) Legalizing marijuana would make it safer for users. One of the main reasons why marijuana is unsafe right now is because it isn't regulated, and its quality isn't monitored by anyone. When people buy marijuana, they don't know for sure what they're getting or where it's been.

5) The government has no right to interfere with people's personal freedom as it is currently doing. Smoking marijuana only has the potential to hurt the health of the user. An individual should have the right to choose to use it. People are allowed to skydive, and drive cars. There are risks in those and many other activities, but the government isn't regulating them. Sure, smoking marijuana does put others at minimal risk through second hand smoke and the user's actions towards others, but this is also valid for alcohol and tobacco. This is why driving while stoned should remain illegal.

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