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Questions and Answers

A survey for you about marijuana, whether youre pro or con?

Here is survey one (if you do smoke pot)
How old are you?
When did you first smoke pot?
Why did you first smoke?
Did you enjoy it?
How often do you smoke now?
Does anyone in your family smoke pot?
For medicinal reasons?
Would you consider yourself addicted in anyway?
Are you for or against the legalization or regulation or marijuana?

And survey two (for those of you who do not smoke pot)
How old are you?
Have you ever tried smoking pot?
Did you enjoy it? If not, how come?
Does anyone in your family smoke pot?
For medicinal purposes?
Do you believe marijuana is addicting?
What effects do you believe marijuana causes?
Are you for or against legalizing or regulation marijuana?
Just gathering opinions. In college, btw.

Posted by Aleksandr Barnums Life.
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Here is survey one (if you do smoke pot)

How old are you? – 28 Years Old
When did you first smoke pot? – 11 Years Old
Why did you first smoke? – A friend of mine and his friend from another school were doing it and I decided to give it a try.
Did you enjoy it? – Yes.
How often do you smoke now? I have not smoked since I was 26.
Does anyone in your family smoke pot? – My Father does.
For medicinal reasons? – Me, yes. My Father, no.
Would you consider yourself addicted in anyway? – No. Even at my most heavy use, I didn’t NEED it and would not do it if I knew I needed my wits about me.
Are you for or against the legalization or regulation or marijuana? – For. Marijuana was banned due to racism against Latinos and the control of the cotton industry by major players at around the turn of the century.

Additional Info:
Marijuana is addictive for a percentage of people that already have addictive characteristics and a famiel history of substance abuse and addiction.

Marijuana is actually LESS harmful than alcohol… The socially acceptable drug of choice… And if it were allowed to be grown, the fibers can be made in to textiles and the seeds can be used for both animal feed and human consumption.

The use of marijuana has been studied around the globe and it has been found to be more effective than pharmaceuticals for the treatment of Chemo Therapy Side Effects, Pain associated with bone tumors, Migraines, and a number of other conditions.

I, personally, stopped smoking when at the age of 26, I started to get anxiety symptoms when I smoked. I smoked once a week on either friday or saturday to relax before bed but when my anxiety disorder started to get worse it turned my once or twice a week relaxation moment in to a horrible ordeal. So I put down the bong and have never gone back.

I know I have a family history of addiction on my Mother's side so I don't play around with intoxicants.

Check out a History Channel Series called "Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way" for more details on this subject.
GoogleVideo.com Search: Http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=ho…

And the "War On Drugs" episode of Penn & Teller:
GoogleVideo.com Search: Http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Pe…

Oh, and listen to LoveLine with Doctor Drew.

Or call and ask him his opinion yourself…

And check out a BBC Doc called "If Drugs Were Legal" and their supporting episode "The 'If' Debate".

If Drugs Were Legal:
GoogleVideo.com Search:

The 'If' Debate:
GoogleVideo.com Search:

I'm having a debate for my class on Legalizing Marijuana?

I got stuck on the CON side although I believe in the pro side. Any ideas on the CON side of legalizing marijana use? Full details please.

Posted by Holly M
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About Legalizing Marijuana: Pros & Cons | eHow.com
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DEBATE: legalization of marijuana?

Ok i was boared and wanted to hear from you guys. Now im siding with legalizing marijuana because much more people die from another, BIGGER, drug, Alchohal. And the government will make so much more in taxes from it. But i realy want to hear from both sides, and why you are for/against it. Prety much these are free points but i do wana hear what you think. Thanks!

PS im dislexic so sorry about my spelling
well cafeen and alchohal are both drugs but there still legal.

Posted by Parker
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The best ways to look at it and to try to decide if it should be legalized is to break it down and look at the pros and cons of it.
Reasons to keep it illegal:

It's a gateway drug.
Not true. There is no scientific evidence that smoking marijuana is linked to taking harder drugs. Marijuana smoking generally precedes the use of harder drugs, but that's because it's the easier drug to get. If we used that logic then cigarettes and alcohol are the true "gateway" drugs because teens generally smoke and drink before they get high.

It makes people stupid.
Not true. It lowers reaction speeds and can lessen cognitave reasoning slightly, but the image of the mindless stoner is a hollywood myth. Pot smokers exist in every industry and career in the world. They function smoothly and without idiot stoner mistakes.

Legalizing it will make the workforce unproductive.
Not all stoners are lazy. Most are productive members of society. If it was legalized workplaces would still have the right to deny you to smoke while you worked, much like alcohol. Some people would abuse that privelege (just like they do with alcohol), but those are the same people who are already doing it.

It cause health risks
So does overeating, alcohol, cigarettes, cell phones, car fumes, not excersizing, caffeiene, and some forms of dieting. We live in a country where we're allowed to harm our bodies as we see fit. Why is this one form of poison not allowed in our systems while so many other are?

It's an addictive substance.
Not true. There are no scientific studies that prove that marijuana is an addictive substance. Nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and opiates are the most highly addictive substances in the world, and they're all legal here in the US.

Reason to legalize:
California made over 15 million in taxes last year from medical marijuana facilities. The federal government made even more than that. If it was fully legalized, Cali predicts they'll make BILLIONS in taxes. The federal government will make even more, because federal taxes are always higher.

Job creation
We'll need new jobs for regulation, sales, growing (small grow setups won't survive) distribution, and marketing (although it pretty much sells itself). Small hometown operations will survive making high quality products, while major nationwide corporations will sell wholesale products. There will be thousands of new jobs created, making even more income taxes.

The Government spends billions on the "war on drugs" right now. Much of that could be saved if we no longer needed to hunt down growers, sellers and users. We'd also save all the money wasted on the persecution and incarceration of criminals involved with the sales and use of marijuana. So in addition to the billions in taxes we'd make, we'd save billions as well.

I'm all for legalizing it and creating an entirely new economy. Or we could keep having people break the law to do it, and spend money to try and stop them.

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