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Where can one find a marijuana doctor?

Where can I find a doctor for the medical marijuana licence? My family doctor does not agree with it and i only use it to help my condition. He to is a pill pusher and they are not working, I've been using it now but would like to know I'm covered.
I'm in Ontario. I have restless leg syndrome and cronic back pain.

Posted by Victor
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Hello…. #1 = I would ask people that I know – if they could recommend a doctor…. #2 = Would search newspapers to find a doctor that advertises giving recommendations for medical marijuana.. . #3 = I would search bar/night club/ music/ alternative papers – to find a medical marijuana doctor.. #4 Or ask people or businesses that sell either medical marijuana or equipment to use/smoke or grow medical marijuana… # 5 = search internet for doctors or groups that recommend using medical marijuana… … .. . Good question…. .. Good Luck.


What are the side effects of smoking Marijuana? And if there are any why do doctors prescribe it an medicine?

Posted by xxshebaxx1902
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Dr Dee is high. Marijuana and morphine are completely different. Morphine is an opiate derived from poppies, while marijuana is derived from cannabis.

Side effects include disorientation, short term memory loss, red/dry eyes, lethargy, increase appetite, reduced reaction speed, and occaisionally hallucinations. Plus, if smoked, there are other issues about the toxic/carcinogenic nature of the smoke.

Most all drugs have some form of side effects. Acetominophin (the active part of Tylo-nol (deliberately misspelled to avoid legal issues)) is toxic to the liver; morphine is addictive and causes drowsiness and may exacerbate depression, antibiotics can make you more suceptible to yeast infections, etc. The point in any medication is does the benefit outweigh the problems? The primary three things I know of marijuana being prescribed for are AIDS (to induce appetite), lymphomic cancer (to supress nausea associated with chemotherapy), and glaucoma (to act as an accular vasodilator to reduce pressure). The first two involve people who are already facing almost certain death in the near future, and the third–blindness is worse than the side effects of marijuana.

You must always do a cost-benefit analysis with medication. Marijuana is seldom prescribed due to the problems with the drug, but sometimes it is the best available option.

How do I become a marijuana doctor?

What schooling do i have to take up?

Posted by B-EZY
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Marijuana doctors are fully certified MDs (Doctors of Medicine). They went through 4 years of college and had excellent grades (typically they majors in the sciences but sometimes they choose the arts and have a lot of science electives); they do very well on the MCATs (it's like the SATs for university undergrads wanting to go to medical school); and they have a lot of volunteer work related to medicine.

Once they are accepted to medical school, they complete their training and receive their diploma, now making them an MD. Once they have their MD, they can officially prescribe medications (marijuana being one–although this would be a risky place to start–most fresh MDs take up residencies).

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