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What are some pros and cons of medical marijuana?

Posted by Hannah
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Pros: No one has ever died from marijuana. Marijuana has more uses than any other medicine on the market. Marijuana is all natural. You can grow your own medicine if you not able to leave your house. It has been used for thousands of years. The side effects are almost nonexistent compared to most other drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Cons: Doctors can recommend marijuana, but they can not prescribe it.

Medical Marijuana?

What are the pros or the good things about medical marijuana?

Posted by R07
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Medical marijuana is not the type you would find out in a field or growing in the wild. It is a chemical type of marijuana so that the THC is controlled and each person receives the same amount. There are so many variables that affect marijuana (homegrown) that it could never be goverment regulated.

Medical marijuana is used for glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders for pain, tremors etc. It is also used to help those with AIDS and individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy. It helps stimulate the appetite despite the nausea that accompanies these therapies.

The problem with medical marijuana is that many government officials believe that people would abuse it, lie to get it and the governing bodies (federal & state) would lose the "control" and INCOME that possibly could be generated by using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Basically what would happen is: a pharmaceutical company would get a patent for the medical marijuana for 17 years. They would control the price, availability, and then we have the insurance companies that would refuse to pay for this benefit. This is typical of every drug that is developed by a pharmaceutical company pending approval by the FDA.

Even though marijuana is considered to be an herbal remedy and the FDA refuses to regulate these remedies, the potential for income is astronomical. In the end, those who need it most or would benefit most are the ones who suffer.

What are the pros and cons about marijuana?

Posted by Oscar
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I assume you mean the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana? If not oh well this is what you get..

I do think that any goods of marijuana legalization over power the little bad that it would bring, but you can't all be ignorant there are some bad things that'll come from legalization.
– Since marijuana is a medicine of sorts and treats so many different sicknesses, some companies that treat those sicknesses that are partially curable from marijuana would see a heavy loss of profit of those medicines, this might seem so bad but usually those companies usually make more than one type of medicine, and some still not affective of marijuana they still have loads of income. This is why medical companies don't want a product that is just grown, they need to make it and make it so the people need them.
– The lumber industry to an extent. Since marijuana has over 2,000 textile mills uses that hemp and other bits of fiber in marijuana could become a big race up to lumber being a major income. So those companies might see a loss of money gross too. Note being lumber still has uses that marijuana can not do and marijuana has uses that lumber could not do. So I think those would even out nicely.
– Now the most blatantly obvious one is that you kinda, actually not at all put other peoples lives at danger. This would kinda be true but when you blaze up you become chill you don't want to go out and fight someone like you would with getting drunk. BUT, IF you were to operate machinery you could fall asleep, get drowsy, ect then cause an accident, then again you are way more prone to do this under the influence of alcohol vs. Under the influence of marijuana. So to me with this one you are just nickel-diming reasons to not legalize, this one might be a no or a yes depends on how you see it, to me, naa.

Now those are three, not even too bad of reasons, to not legalize now for maybe, not even half of the reasons to legalize:
-Weed has no long-term negative affect on your body, short term, obviously you being blazed
-We spend over 17 million dollars a day to keep pot holders in jail, waste of tax payers' money
-Very non-addictive less than caffeine
-Promotes brain cell growth not kills em.
-The smoke from it is just as bad as a barbeques
-Plastic can be made from hardened hemp oil seeds, which are biodegradable.
-No one has ever died from marijuana usage
-Places like Amsterdam, drug cartels and violence overall have greatly decreased since legalization
-If we had controlled market of weed we could make of 7.7 billion dollars each year of all its uses
-Weed can help take over cotton and lumber industries in a good way, noticing it's 10x faster to grow, 1 acre of hemp produces as much paper as 4 of wood, 1 acre also produces that of 3 of cotton and is also more durable, and fiber board made of hemp is twice as strong of wood.
-Over 1m people are arrested every year of weed possession, thus making harder for them to find a job adding to the unemployment rate
-Legalization would create jobs such as shop owners, producers, pickers, quality tester, factory for making into clothing or wood and what not, ectttt.
-We would save thousands of trees in order of using hemp more than lumber
-Most of our crime fighting money goes towards pot, WHY?
-Weed isn't a gateway drug, just cause you smoke doesn't mean you wanna go shot up some meth, it's like saying I drank OJ now wanna go get hammered. Uh no.
-Weed was illegalized off a falsely conducted test saying it killed brain cells and racism, look that up too.
-Weed isn't addictive, you could be addicted to it. But you can be addicted to watching TV, doesn't made that that is bad either.
-Negative weed propaganda is usually funded by lobbyist of alcohol, medicinal, or lumber companies or industries.

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