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Questions and Answers

What is the argument against medical marijuana?

Politicians absolutely should not be able to decide what medicines doctors can prescribe. Many people do or would benefit from medical marijuana. The medicinal components of cannabis are its many cannabinoids. 85 cannabinoids have been found in cannabis; pharmaceuticals like marinol have thc only so it is not a good replacement for marijuana. Marijuana has been used for it's medicinal qualities for thousands of years.
I mean what arguments are there to keep it illegal.

Posted by Surak
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The biggest argument is "it's illegal"
Studies show that it is NOT addictive (unlike nicotine) and it does NOT cause cancer (unlike nicotine).

A friend of mine has been through three botched up back surgeries. He is on Morphine (which can kill a person when used for prolonged periods of time and he has to go through the withdrawal symptoms) but, he is not allowed to smoke weed.

EDIT: Oh, to keep it illegal.
The biggest argument to keep it illegal would be to point out that it is already illegal and why change something that might eventually work.

Other arguments include: It's addictive (a lie) and it kills people (another lie)

Who agrees that it is time to legalize medicinal marijuana?

I myself have a great argument for it, but to keep my agenda out of the way i would like some unbiased answers…

Posted by mrsindica
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Marijuana helps settle more than just one symptom at a time unlike other current prescribed medicines. Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety, Anorexia Nervosa, soreness, and multiple other common occurring problems can all be controlled with one medical prescription. It is also is not a drug that you can become dependent on so if you decided to stop your withdraws would not be painful or pleasurable rather just mild tendencies to restart but not like nicotine. Being high on marijuana is nothing like the high you can get on pain pills like hyrdocodon, or oxycodon, or the anxiety and sleeping pills Xanax or Ambien. Taking xanax makes you not remember anything that happens, it also makes you loopy and less coordinated. Also, if you take ambien and stay awake it will make you hallucinate and completely have no control and do not make choices that you would normally make if sober. People on xanax and pain pills are more dangerous than anyone smoking pot because pot doesnt make you lose control it just makes you slow down and relax.
The government would also make money from distributing it with taxes and take the crime due to to pot smuggling off the streets. The jails wouldnt be crowded with small time marijuana distributors or users and would have more room for convicted rapist, robbers, and murders.

Medicinal Marijuana and asthma?

OK someone enlighten me, ive heard you can get a medicinal marijuana card for asthma but that makes no sense to me!
Anyone know what theyre talking about???
Ok mabey i wasnt clear enough i do not want a medicinal card i could care less i just want to know how it could possably help asthma like i said it MAKES NO SENSE to me someone who actually knows what theyre talking about please help.

Posted by Frostty
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Smoking of marijuana is done without a filter, so particulate matter can enter the lungs and cause damage. Some people with asthma can have an attack triggered by emotional events. Since smoking pot is supposed to relax people it might, only might, help that person avoid an attack.

Having watched an avid marijuana smoker die of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a lung disease, I can tell you I find that argument nonsense.

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