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What are some pros and cons of marijuana legalization?

Challenge: If you are for it, try thinking af points against it as well . If you are against it, try taking the opposite stance and think of some pros. Or whatever..

Posted by Cassie
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First of all would be the benefits to the economy. The government spends 7.7 billion dollars every year to keep it illegal. If marijuana was taxed and regulated it would bring in around $6 billion annually.
Marijuana is not physically addicting and has never been linked to cancer or anything of the sort (in fact, medical marijuana is beneficial to people with conditions such as cancer, AIDS, MS, epilepsy, etc). You can get mentally addicted to marijuana, but hey, you can also get mentally addicted to pizza.
If marijuana is made legal, it's not like everyone is going to start smoking it just because they can. It's going to be the people who always have. Who would start smoking cigarettes once they turn 18 just cause they can?
There are some risks associated with people driving under the influence of weed, but the truth is there are plenty of people who do it every day. A very, very small percentage of accidents are directly related to the driver being stoned. It would obviously be regulated heavily like alcohol and there would be punishments for driving high.
Marijuana users are definitely compromising their health because smoking it can mess up your lungs, however it won't give you emphysema or lung cancer. It impairs short term memory, people who smoke a whole lot can develop anxiety or paranoia. Marijuana can be considered a gateway drug, however the drugs that it "leads to" would obviously remain illegal. Pregnant women who smoke weed might end up with asthmatic babies, but I've heard doctors say that's the worst that could happen.
Overall, it really wouldn't hurt anyone.

Pros and cons of marijuana legalization?

I am looking for a relatively neutral answer. What are the pros and cons of marijuana legalization?

As a side question,
Is it possible that with the legalization of marijuana there will be an inflation in the market of more heinous drugs since there would be no illegal market for marijuana?

Posted by Gman 101
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Check out procon.org
LOL – a neutral answer to pros and cons.
As a side answer, research before trolling!

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