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Medical Marijuana Questionnnaire?

Am doing a purshuaive speech on medical marijuana. I need to first make a questionnaire for my class to fill out. What are important questions I should ask the class to find out their views on medical marijuana? I need at least 5 questions. Or does anyone know any questionnaires I could be refered to??

And for fun, medical marijuana YES or No??

Posted by Austin’s gf

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Do you think that Marijuana is more or less addicting than other drugs already legal for medical use?

Do you think that Marijuana is more or less dangerous than other drugs already legal for medical use?

Do you think that Marijuana is more or less likely to be abused than other drugs already legal for medical use?

Do you think that legalizing Marijuana for medical use will open the door for the complete legalization of Marijuana?

If yes, do you think that this is a good enough reason to prohibit the use of medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is a no-brainer. I haven’t seen any polls, but I would guess that the US public is in favor of Medical Marijuana 70% – 30%. I thought our elected officials were supposed to represent us…. Whats the problem?

For what reasons do people get prescribed Medical Marijuana?

And could a person get prescribed a gram a day just for insomnia?

Posted by kronic


Medical marijuana can be used for a slew of reasons.

Insomnia is definitely something med marijuana can help with. It is far safer than any rx sleep aid. The over the counter sleep aid of choice for most is benedryal, whether they realize it or not. Benedryal and marijuana are both probably equally as safe.

And a gram is a relatively small amount.

Someone taking ambien every night would be getting more narcotics in one dose than what the med mj patient would be getting all week.

Marijuana is less likely to leave you hung over the next morning than the benzos, hypnotics and barbituates usually used, nor is it chemically addictive like they are.

Yes, its plausible someone could get that rx for insomnia. I cant tell if you are trying to figure out how to get it or condeming someone who is, but yes, if they have a med mj doc, its plausible. (didnt see your name til just now, i assume you are trying to get it…. )

What should i say is my reason for obtaining a medical marijuana card to my doctor if he or she asks?

What is the best medical condition and related symptoms i should give to my doctor in order to obtain a medical marijuana card? Do i need to undergo expensive tests and get a proper diagnosis from another doctor? What is the step by step process of getting a medical marijuana card and how long does this process take? Would appreciate any feedback and happy 420 everyone!

Posted by Nelson S


Well, you definitely need a reason for wanting a medical marijuana card. Most of your questions depend on what state you’re in- every state has different laws and conditions you can use medical marijuana for.
No expensive tests should be needed (unless you have an illness like cancer or something else serious) but you will need a diagnosis before asking for a medical marijuana card. Some of the more general conditions are depression, anxiety (only in some states), chronic pain and migraines.
Process= go to a doctor with your history of already having a diagnosis, get a recommendation from dr. For medical marijuana and then you can apply for a medical marijuana card with your particular county.
Here’s a site with a little more info for you: