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Effects of THC and CBD.. The differences?

What are the long term and short term effects of both.

Posted by Johnny
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Lazziness and weight gain.

What is a central business district(CBD) in Hanoi?

Examples of
edge cities
Environmental issues/concerns
Environmental programs
Urban zoning in
Hanoi would also be appreciated
thanks 😀
(if you could, can you please put the website you used..it isnt required for this question but again it would be appreciated)

Posted by ih8broccoli
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First, the central business district (CBD) of Hanoi will see only one major development come to fruition in the coming year. This property, EVN Towers, along with other major completed structures such as BIDV Tower and CAPITAL Tower will continue to put downward pressure on the rental rates in the CBD for the next six to eighteen months. Despite falling rental rates demand for office in the CBD has been and will likely continue to be stronger than other districts. Http://www.vccinews.com/news_detail.asp?… ———– Shopping malls out of Hanoi’s central business districts are offering retailers opportunities to cash in on untapped markets.

Savico Hanoi last week announced that it would open the country’s biggest shopping mall in Long Bien district this November, with net leasable area of 45,000 square metres.

This is the first mall to open in the northern bank of the Red River, which has started to attract big real estate developers focusing on building ecological township projects.

Both the developer Savico Hanoi, and the marketing agent CB Richard Ellis, refused to reveal rental rates for Savico Mega Mall. However, Richard Leech, executive director of CB Richard Ellis, said the mall would not offer high rents as it did not want to replicate the failure of other malls in the emerging commercial districts.
With the completion of some major projects to the west, such as: Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Towers, Crown Plaza Complex, Handico Tower in 2011, there will be vast supply coming to the market. The large oversupply which will exist in the western districts of Hanoi will have a more drastic effect on the rates and for a longer period of time. The 150,000 – 200,000sm of available space which will come to market in 2011 will continue to put pressure on the rental rates in the central and western submarkets for no less than twenty four months. Http://www.vccinews.com/news_detail.asp?… Demand for serviced apartments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will likely increase despite a growing financial crisis.
In Hanoi, no large projects of over 50 units are expected to go online during 2009, and from 2010, much of the new stock will be in secondary or suburban locations, a Savills Vietnam report said. The Central Business District (CBD) would be static in terms of supply, leading to expectations that projects in central Hanoi would continue to attract premium rents, it said.http://www.primebusinesscenter.com.vn/News.aspx?aID=24&cID=54 —-
HANOI NEW TOWN MASTERPLAN, VIETNAM, HANOI, 1997 The Central Business District and the Riverfront District are articulated as exceptional moments in the New Town, due to their programmatic and geographic importance for Hanoi. Http://www.oma.eu/index.php?option=com_p…

Does CBD in marijuana still get you high?

I got a strain called ABATIOL that has 0.62% THC and 15.86% CBD.

Posted by Justin
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CBD or Cannabidiol is less psychoactive and will not produce the same intoxication effects of THC, that is why those strains are better as "medical plants"

But the vast majority of marijuana users that get a medical card are just drug abusers and want to get high.

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