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Which chemicals in marijuana are responsible for its anti-nausea effects?

Is it THC or cannibidiol? If u can cite your sources that would be great.

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Under acidic acidic conditions it isomerizes into the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is the biosynthetic precursor of THC in the plant.

Can someone tell me the effects of weed (hallucinations…)?

So i just came back from a party which i was high at. I just want to see if other ppl experienced the same thing:
-music was echoed and louder
-the lights were beautiful to me, i was starring at them in the crowd
-at some points, i would just start laughing for no reason
-at some point, i started screaming of anger, i dont know whyy
-i found the lights very funny
i closed my eyes very often and twirled my head to the sound of the music which was just so beautiful to me.
I would see colors in my head while doing this.
-my heart beat was wayyy faster than usual, but in a good way.
-my throat was very dry.

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Yep, those are the effects of the psychoactive drug from the cannibus plant.

The psychoactive chemical is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but there are at least 66 other cannabinoids present which result in different effects than THC.

The most potent are CBD, CBN, and CBC; the THC has more than doubled in strength/content between 1983 and 2007; from 4% to 9.6%.

THC is a mix of stimulant, depressant and hallucinogen, which helps explain mood changes.

Effects of smoking marijuana?

I have smoked the stuff before a number of times. First time was about 8 months ago, and since then I have smoked small amounts in approximately 3 month intervals.
I know its easy to look up the health effects of pot, but I get the feeling that there are websites against and for smoking pot and hence, leaving the 'facts' all one sided and exaggerated. It's also disturbing to find that most of this research based information "cannot be confirmed" due to "lack of statistics and data", etc.
So, I actually don't know why it would be a good idea to ask this question on Yahoo answers, since its not exactly the best source of quality, in depth information… But I am intrigued to hear what people know about the specific health effects of THC, and possibly their experiences surrounding it.

Posted by Fwuffys on the Nide Today
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Well, the truth is you will be feeling a lot different in likely a bad way if you start smoking regularly. For some people this is fine, but if you're used to being an intelligent person it can be pretty frustrating.

From both personal experience and, well, conventional knowledge I can say it's true that marijuana have a negative impact on memory as well as learning. I used to be extremely good at remembering things and picking up on new things quickly but since using weed pretty extensively I've been much more forgetful and it takes more effort and time to learn something.

I can give you somewhat of an insight into what you'll experience in the future of smoking weed, depending on several things.

Only smoking 3-4 times you might not have actually been high at all yet. For most people they don't experience the full effect until 3-6 sessions but it depends on lots of things really. Some don't "know how" to smoke and don't inhale deeply enough into their lungs, and obviously then don't get very high at all. It's also possible that the chemicals simply don't have much of an effect the first couple times.

I smoked probably 6 or 7 times between the ages of 13 and 16 and only felt the high the last 2 times or so. Then later, I began to smoke 5 or 6 times a week for almost 2 months. At first it was all good, the highs were fun and I felt pretty much normal afterwards. But towards the end of it, I was noticing short term memory problems like walking into a room and forgetting what I was doing, and placing something somewhere then coming back for a few minutes later and not being able to remember where I put it, also and kind of had a general disconnect with everything. Nothing seemed important and all I wanted to do was sit and watch tv or lurk around the internet.

Then, something really bad happened. Not saying this will happen to you necessarily but there's definitely a risk of it. I smoked alone in my room, which I had done several times before although not as much and not as potent of weed. Nothing was really wrong but I started feeling very anxious and this eventually developed into a full on panic attack and was convinced someone was going to kill me. I ended up in my bed sitting there terrified for probably a good hour before falling asleep. Then the next day the same thing happened but even worse. I really rethought my life and decided I was going crazy and needed to stop with the weed immediately. It was really worse than I'm even describing but I'll spare some details, it was an utterly horrible experience.

So then I didn't smoke for about a month, but eventually my friend convinced me to try it again. Things actually went really well, and I had a great time like before. I guess being in a safe and positive environment is pretty good for preventing panic attacks. So since then I've been smoking occasionally, once a week or so, usually only with other people. My memory is still not what it used to be but far better than when I smoked every day. I've not panicked like that since then but found weed (especially strains that are high in thc vs cbd) does increase anxiety so if you have problems with that be very careful.

Umm, so anyways I wouldn't say marijuana is harmless, although it may be pretty much physically harmless there definitely can be some serious psychological effects.

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