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Is it true that Marijuana can help seizures?

I was told that medical Marijuana can help seizures
Is this true? And if so …How? And by this do YOU think Marijuana should be legalized?

Posted by Sky
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Marijuana does help control seizures*, including those that are caused by certain autoimmune disorders. It will not help seizures caused by toxins, trauma, cardiac or ischemic, diabetic, electrolyte imbalances, drug or alcohol use, pregnancy, or any hormonal imbalance, blood pressure (or most problems)

Most marijuana is highly impure, containing pesticides, fungicides, miticides, and other chemical compounds. Marijn is highly prone to mold, which poses a serious risk to anyone with an autoimmune disorder. Marijuana grown in dirt contains heavy metals, such as lead. Medical grade marijuana is grown in special environments free of bird feces, insects, heavy metals, mold, and chemicals. Most marijuana that is sold today is high in THC, THCV, and CBN. Those metabolites make people high. These psychoactive compounds TRIGGER SEIZURES in epilepsy. CBD, the second major metabolite, has been bred out because it lowers the high. CBD controls seizures. There are some strains of marijuana that have high CBD, and low THC, See Project CBD.

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

I'm doing a speech project for school and I want opinions from both sides of the voted please people help me out, btw its a persuasive speech.

Posted by Evan
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Yes. Why?

1. Scientists recently announced that although alcohol is legal it's actually rated above that of even heroin and crack cocaine in terms of the impact it has on society. Cannabis came much further down the list.
2. Alot of people arnt aware of the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Weed has been used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of different conditions and problems.The queen of England once used weed to treat menstrual cramps. Weed helps ease pain in people with multiple sclerosis. Weed can also be used to treat depression/stress/.anxiety. Something i have personal experience with. I have been to my doc's and prescribed various anti depressants and beta blockers to help ease my anxiety but nothing helped me to the extent that weed did.
3.Not that i agree with people driving under the influence of any drug but people who smoke weed are statistically less likely to cause an accident than someone who has been drinking.
4.Weed doesn't cause people to get aggressive like alcohol does.The opposite infact. When you think of how much time and money could be saved if the police were free to deal with more serious crimes.
5. Legalizing marijuana shifts the power of control from drug dealers and criminals into hands of the government where it can be properly regulated. So suppliers can develop strains with higher CBD content. (CBD is an anti psychotic compound found in cannabis). If coffee shops were given licences to sell weed it would be a lot less likely that children and adults under the age of 21 would be able to get hold of it because shops would risk loosing their licences and being fined/prosecuted. While your average drug dealer is only to happy to sell to kids.
6. Legalizing weed would create a huge amount of revenue in times of economic uncertainty.

Thats all a can think of right now.
Good luck!

Help with University Research Project On Melbourne's Rave& Hard Dance Scene?

Ok im doing a major research project on Melbourne's (Australia) Rave and Hard Dance Scene and i need to know as many clubs as possible located in Melbournes CDB that are either, Rave Hard Dance/Trance orientated or have nights dedicated to these generes. I am a design student and need to map these places out for a very fun but intensive uni project. Please list as many as u know only from Melbourne Australia. Thanks.

Posted by Angel A
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Raves originated in warehouses in Melbourne and since then, while the commercial rave scene in Sydney has grown quickly, Melbourne is still known as the heart and soul of the rave culture.
Twister in St. Kild used to be the biggest and most commercial place for Raves, but the Palace has since closed.
Playground at Seven in Soth Melb is known for Rave/dance nights, Bubble near Spencer St. Is a major candy bash (lots of young kids new to the scene) Dream nightclub in the CBD is known for mini-raves and Recovery (as the name suggests) is open untill miday or later on a Sunday and is the place to go when ravers are 'coming down.'
However, all of these places are not true raves, basicly just nightclubs that play techno, and rather then PLUR it's 'look at me!'
Traincore is also a nice one- basicly a rave/nightclub on a train.
Then you have all of your commmercialised raves at big sporting venues such as Two Tribes and God's Kitchen. However the true rave scene is the bush raves, such as Earthcore.
Hope this helps, and heres a link that is regularily updated:

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