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Marijuana why are you illegal ?

Marijuana is illegal but why ?

Marijuana related deaths = 0, What happens after you smoke marijuana ? You feel relaxed , your TOTAL in control over yourself & you know what your doing. You just laugh alot , side effects ware off in 30 Min's or less !!!

Cigarettes related deaths = MILLIONS of smokers die , and also affects other people ( second hand smoke ) in SHS 9 chemicals could produce some sort of cancer

Alcohol related deaths = THOUSANDS how ? Overdoes , drunk driving , fucked up kidney , or a drunk driver runs you over

So tell me people who are against marijuana , WHY is it illegal but the rest is LEGAL but can kill people? And don't come to me with the " Its a gateway drug " no that shit isn't .. Do me a favor and go on youtube and search smoking marijuana/weed . You'll see videos of people smoking or teaching you how to roll up a joint ( joints are the safest for the lungs , a blunt is tobacco leaf which is bad for you most weed smokers prefer joints the white paper ) Then after you search this up , search Smoking/injecting meth,crack,cocaine,heroin . YOU WILL FIND 0 RESULTS , WHY ? BECAUSE PEOPLE ON THOSE DRUGS AREN'T CAPABLE OF DOING A VIDEO CAUSE THEIR BUZZ LASTS FOR HOURS .
Also the US wants to tax weed but if they do it will be expensive as hell a dime would probably be 20$ while people who already have a dealer could but it for the regular price 10$ , sure people would buy it from the stores cause its safer but those weed smokers who dont wanna spend 20$ on a dime go to their drug dealer.
If it has more tar than Cigarettes , then why weren't bob marleys lungs black ? They were perfectly healthy . Why don't they show us a marijuana smokers lungs ? I think you know why & anyways ANY smoke inhaled is bad for your lungs , but marijuana smoke DOES NOT TURN YOUR LUNGS BLACK like dirty Cigarettes
If your lazy & a terrible athlete or student , and you smoke weed a lot your going to be lazier what do you expect ?

But if your not lazy & a good student and athlete , smoking marijuana time to time WONT hurt you, thats like saying people who always drink beer will always be stupid & ignorant people & should not be called a citizen, some of you people make me laugh.

Posted by Anon
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Marijuana is illegal because of all of its healing properties. Those include THC and CBD which are able to kill cancer cells, regulate the immune system so auto immune diseases are more controlled. The government has known about Cannabis killing cancer cells since 1974, when Nixon and then Ford banned all research on the matter.

Smoking marijuana is not the best way to use gods gift to mankind, because most of it goes up in smoke. Juicing and oil are the two ways that I use this wonderful herb/vegetable.

Have you ever used marijuana for medical reasons…?

Hey, my name is Luke. I am a developing researcher currently undertaking qualitative research in the pursuit of producing articles, research papers and ultimately, a documentary on the medical properties of marijuana.

I am on an expedition to gather stories on the use of marijuana in treating such medical issues as seizures, cerebral palsy, IBS, migraines, chemotherapy, tourette's, multiple sclerosis, OCD, and crohn's to name a few.

If you wish to divulge your own story then please contact me via e-mail or use the space below to speculate your thoughts and interest. You can deliver your story in any way you wish, whether this be as a document and/or an online interview in form of typing or talking. I do thoroughly appreciate your consideration, your ideas and opinions, and your help.

If you know anyone who may be interested in doing so then this would be most appreciated and beneficial in the gathering and fabricating coherent information on the medical benefits of cannabis.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Liverpool with a speciality in cannabis and its preeminence in terms of medicine, recreation, agriculture and law. I am part of the marijuana reformation movement and strive towards its legalisation.

Thank you,

Posted by Temple 420
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I have epilepsy. In 1998 my doctors had said that they had nothing to offer me. We had been through it all, including investigational interventions. Go home and die, they had said. I moved to IA, married a wonderful woman who cared for me. We divorced. I moved to a small house. My neighbors wife was using marijuana. She had a pinched nerve in her spine and was allergic to all Rx pain meds. I tried marijuana. IT WORKED! No seizures, no pain, no suffering, and no horrible side effects. I could think again. I had a life. Marijuana is a drug, and it has side effects. People claim that it is harmless. False. It is a drug. People claim that it is all evil, that it is addictive. Marijuana has one horrible side effect. It causes memory loss. Every time that you smoke it, a little bit of your memory goes. A bit here. A bit there. It causes permanent damage. Your body does re-wire itself to remember, but you loose memories. Recreationally it can be fun, because it makes you laugh at something out of place. Long term use causes clinical psychosis, and many other pscyh problems. Marijuana will mess with your mind. It always messes with your mind, for that is how it works, being high is fun. It messes with your mind in a fun way. It also relaxes you. It totally relaxes your body, no aches, no cramps. It relaxes you in that you have no cares, no problems. Little ordinary problems that everyone has in life don't bother you. You still have the situations, but they don't bother you. MJ also makes you happy – giddy. It causes 'couch loc' – You could get up off of the couch and do something, but it feels so good just sitting there, why bother getting up? By this, MJ makes you to become lazy. It helps you get through the day. MJ is not addictive, but bliss is. Medical Marijuana patients, except for a few, do NOT want to live high. Therapeutics is suppose to Treat the patients condition, Relieve pain and suffering, and Restore the patient to live a normal and productive life. Being high impairs you. You can not live a normal life if you are always fcktup. It is awful to be stoned 24/7/365. In epilepsy a high level of THC triggers seizures. A 'nice' bud that stoners seek has too much THC for treating epilepsy & in some auto immune disorders too.
Only a small amount of marijuana treats seizure patients. MJ had always had THC, THCV, CBG, CBN, and other metabolites. CBD has many therapeutic properties. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anticonvulsant, anti-spasmodic, is a neuroprotectant, anti-nausea, and anti-cancer. Not wild claims, there are US and foreign patents on CBD. CBD is an anti-psychotic, in marijuana it will lower the high – so it has been bred out of 'stoners weed'. Medical marijuana is not marijuana legal. Medical marijuana are special strains that are stabilized to have the same levels of it's metabolites from one gram to the next, one plant to the next. CBN is bred out (it alters how you metabolize THC). Medical marijuana is a drug that a patient can use because he is really taking x grams of metabolites. Different medical conditions require different levels of THC and CBD. All medical MJ has CBD. Cancer and pain control has very high levels of THC and CBD, others less or NO THC, high CBD. Children's has no THC and only CBD. It is not smoked, it is in an oil, and a few drops are put on the infants mouth. Parents do not get kids stoned, nor is it ever used unless there is no hope (such as a child who is terminally ill). When I had used it I was living in a small farm town in IA. The police escort an ambulance to the ER, and the police show up first. They used to show up in my home daily, and had picked me up from the side walk many times. They police knew that I was using marijuana, and knew why. Suddenly they didn't have to take me to the ER, doctors office. The police let me live in peace. They let all medical MJ patients live in peace.
We don't party, don't leave our home, don't bother anyone. I used to smoke with a lady who had a pinched nerve in her neck, and was allergic to all Rx drugs. We never had parties, didn't try to get stoned. We like the police. The largest demographic for med MJ use is in people age 40 and up. Mom and pop, Granny and Gramps have found that MJ has medical uses. Marijuana is folk medicine. Search for AARP and Marijuana. The laws in place don't work. Incarcerating people for 5 years for possession hasn't slowed the rate of use. It costs billions of dollars each year to pay for food and clothing. Make it expensive instead. 100 dollars for every gram if you are caught in public. Don't invade every home, every bedroom. It affects your ability to function. Pass a law, making driving impaired illegal impaired by anything, even an Rx drug). It should be kept out of hands of children. It causes memory loss. Children need to learn, not only facts, but the emotions that we live and learn and remember when we grow up. Kids need an unimpaired mind.

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So what Is CBD anyway?!?!