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Are the legal alternatives to marijuana any good?

Hi all! 🙂

I was just wondering if anyone had tried any of the "legal" alternative to smoking bud. I'm assuming that because they're legal lol, they likely aren't any good. But the advertisements and testimonials are pretty convincing.

Luckily I'm broke, so I'm not planning to purchase any in the near future. But just in case, it would be great if someone could offer their honest opinion on some of the marijuana alternatives out there such as orange kush or black magic ect.

Ty all in advance!

Cheers! 🙂

Posted by Kevin
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Ok first of all Salvia and Marijuana are NOTHING alike. I don't even know why people would consider it a "Marijuana" substitute since smoking Salvia is more like taking LSD than smoking Marijuana.

I have tried many Legal substitutes for marijuana. Almost ALL of them only mimic the effects of THC. However, there is another substance in marijuana that activates receptors and adds to the euphoric effect that you feel. Cannabidiol. Marijuana is relatively high in this.

All marijuana substitutes I have tried are merely synthetic forms of THC which only activate all the CB1 receptors.

But there is one that I currently use regularly called JWH. This activates all the CB1 and CB2 receptors activating the CB2 receptors slightly more strongly than the CB1 receptors… Just like a good hybrid marijuana plant would do. Not only does this have the EXACT same effect as marijuana with fewer hits (it is 5 times stronger than marijuana) but it also costs less.

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