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Suffer from severe PANIC attacks constantly. (Cali Rx Medical Marijuana)?

I have been suffering from severe panic attack disorder for quite sometime. I have begun to learn to deal with them but that does not take away from the fear when it is taking place.

I tend not to think of them anymore but they still still to take place.

I have come to notice over the years that they are brought on by sense of smell and lighting. Last night I went to Home Depot and the smell and lighting triggered one big time.

I am losing my patience on how to deal with these.

I am extremely healthy and live a very healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I work out 6-7 times a week surf, skateboard, bike, run, jiu-jitsu and yoga.

I do not take any medicine EVER.

I supplement the panic attacks and the fear of getting them with my vaporizer & marijuana.

Any tips on helping this situation get better it is driving me crazy????

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This is very important. Make sure you are vaporizing an Indica strain of Marijuana (NOT Sativa!). Sativa may make your panic attacks worse, where as Indica contains a cannabinoid known as cannabidiol which really helps anxiety. When you next buy from your dispensary ask for a strain with "the biggest CBD to THC ratio as possible". This should help a lot. Generally, any strain ending with "kush" is an indica.

Which Hemp Oil can I buy with CBD and where?

I've read up on the health benefits of Hemp Oil for daily use. I've heard it's also awesome for symptoms of anxiety and it can reduce inflammation, etc. I've been told I should look for Hemp Oil that contains CBD (Cannabidiol) for the mental well-being effect. Is that normally in Hemp Oil if you're buying it as a supplement? Would they sell it like that at Whole Foods Market? I'm new to this, so I'm not sure of there are legal issues surrounding it. Thanks!

Posted by marlowemmings
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You could buy hemp oil with high CBD off the Internet. Or you could look on the bottle or ask at a store. It's also completely legal.

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