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How can i get an abortion in sydney, australia and how much would it cost?

I heard I can just go to a doctor and get pills, since I'm only 3 weeks…I'm 22 now, but not ready to have a baby yet 🙁

Posted by Jess
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This is a really hard choice and one you can't ever be prepared for ~ Putting your question on here tells me your really stuck,scared and need some good advice and support… NOT answers telling you pro life/bad/baby etc etc …. No matter what your age your simply not ready to have a baby and regardless of other choices available the choice is your's to make.

We all make mistakes, this is just one you have to learn the hard way and live with and deal with ~ be kind to yourself and take care. Hope these suggestions help OX

The Private Clinic
120 Devonshire Rd
SURREY HILLS (just near Central Station)
02 9690 0000

Family Planning Services
Lv 11, 133 Liverpool St
Sydney CBD

ph – 9390 5156

Fairfeld Centre all on – Freecall -1800 003 707
Kingswood Centre
Westmead Centre

Marie Stopes ph 1800003707 (NOT FOR PROFIT – ie cheapest option!!!) … Contact RE ~ abortion pill (RU486)
ALSO …. Abortion Pill Centre, Hornsby ph – 9476 4276

As for COST…. Varies considerably … Some places might be medicare .. Others not (ring a few to get ideas … Family planning will be able to tell you this info!)

…. At 22 I know I would NOT have been ready to have a baby (I love being a Mum but I had my first at 32… This was the right age for me!)

Good Luck – Look after yourself 🙂

How do you feel about the use of Medical Marijuana to treat autism?

A close friend of mine is autistic and sometimes she gets really upset and it stresses herself and mother. So her bothers suggested she would Medical Marijuana. The mother doesn't like it but my friend is an adult so she can do it as she wishes. But she's wonders if it's a good idea. She won't smoke it of couse. I don't smoke myself. She was thinking of taking it in pill form when she gets upset. Is this a good idea?

Posted by Kristine A
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There are 2 main ingredients in Marijuana: THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive side of weed and CBD is the relaxing side. If your autistic friend is stressed or anxious, she can buy CBD in pill form or buy Marijuana with high CBD. The CBD won't necessarily help her autistic traits but it will relax her, I'm almost certain. But if she's planning on trying it out, she should probably consult a professional before doing so.

What is the best marijuana to use for terminal cancer patients?

My 42 year old cousin is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I have never used marijuana and neither has she. However, we understand that it could help her with her appetite, nausea, and pain. The narcotics she has been prescribed are doing nothing but keeping her sleepy and causing constipation which adds to her suffering. Are there any types of marijuana better than others for her situation? We are ignorant in this but very open to anything that might help!!!

Posted by woodswalker
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Indica strains, and some of the best indica strains are purple kush, or purple haze, though you can take what ever you want. Take a indica one, they have CBD in it, and CBD is fantastic for nausea, it also feels more relaxing and helps you sleep. Plus marijuana can reduce cancer growth by up to 50%, and its not only THC that dose this, but CBD, and CBD dose it better than THC, though THC is what makes you hungry.

Do not take marinol or any other of those marijuana pills. They do not work, they are very low in THC to prevent you from getting high, but this means that not enough THC is in them to work with what you need. And CBD is not in these pills, you want to smoke actual marijuana, it will work. Pills are just really expensive and do not provide what they should, marinol is just a way for drug companies to profit off marijuana being illegal.

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