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I would like to buy hemp to smoke, where can I get it?

Hello, I would like to buy hemp which is legal in canada where I live. I'm not talking about its cousin known as weed or marijuana. ANy Idea how I can buy some withought having to grow it on my own, I would like to consume it for its high levels of cannabidiol.

Posted by Happygoluffy
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Search for the nearest HEMP store!
It's legal so no worry! Most Canadians would say MJ is also legal!

By the by…..
Hemp is not smoked. Has no "cannabidiol".
That would be "about its cousin known as weed or marijuana."


Apparently it is good for relaxing/ pain relief without the effects of cannabis. Where can I buy it?
The only place where it is available is from a pharmaceutical selling it for use n experiments so it isn't in a form which is ok for human consumption.

Posted by nown
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The drug in the US is called Cesamet and is currently approved for nausea associated with chemotherapy and anorexia related to AIDS. However, there have been studies finding good results in fibromyalgia and MS and other disorders where narcotic pain medications have questionable effect. It is being studied for the effects on spasticity and neuropathic pain syndromes.

Physicians will be hesitant to prescribe this except in research situations or extreme cases. You may see this used in a pain management center.

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